LBM journal article

Very nice article via help from our friends at Do It Best.



Thanks to Do It Best for the opportunity to create a video to help further the educational goal of this project.


nearly complete!

The house is nearly complete with landscaping last on the list as Spring cooperates with us. Today we held an open house to thank the very generous supporters of the project, the contractor, Lynn Weaver, and his crew of very dedicated volunteers. We also had an opportunity to film a video about the project for Do-It-Best, and had two news interviews. The public educational portion of this project is taking shape. Initial photos showing the result of a 2.5 year process. 


lights, trim and cabinets

Over the last few weeks the house has been coming together. Painting, trim and doors, fixtures and cabinets are being installed and we are only weeks away from a completed house. A big thanks to Rob Mishler of Mishler Studios for the amazing cabinet work. The FSC maple plywood with finished exposed edges is incredibly well built and looks beautiful.


ready to finish

project:INfill is in the home stretch and we are ready for finishes to be installed. Mid-March is the target for completion and paint will begin tomorrow, followed by the upstairs cork floor, interior steel rail, wood stair, cabinets and wall tile. The following is a view from the loft.